The TV Station – Short Movie

This year a new event, Arts Olympix, took place at Jacobs University. Unlike the sports olympix event which includes all the colleges, along with alumni and graduate students; this event was only for the four residential colleges and their associated staff. Since I live in College 3, I could participate in the event. ūüôā My interest lay in the movie event. Each college is supposed to produce a 5-8 minute short movie based on sci-fi/campus life/mystery themes, containing a number of other small requirements.

As things turned out, a week before the actual registration for the event began, I came up with idea for a short movie while on a bus to Leipzig. And since other people who were involved with the movie were busy and had other things to do, we ended up using the script I had written for the movie. It was later extended with the help of Anna Brown to include the required 5 actors, including a graduating student. I was lucky enough to get a lot of cool equipment from the university library (IRC), including a Panasonic HDC-SD300 camera, mic, tripod, mic boom and lights. Combining that with the stuff I got from College 3 college office (more lights, green cloth and small props), I had everything I needed to shoot the movie. Everything that is, except for people. Somehow our time table never quite synchronized.

But the IRC people were good enough to allow me to have the camera equipment for 2 more days than I had originally intended, and I managed to complete the filming well in time. Another thing cool about the movie is that it features original music by Terry and Alex. The result is pretty good for a movie which was created within a week, with practically no budget. Here is a teaser I created:

And now you can see the FINAL VERSION below. Enjoy it in full HD. ūüôā

Another thing I wanted to show with this post was how some background music and simple effects can add a new dimension  to the movie. In the following video, you can see the final version of the film on the left, and the a draft version on the right. One thing to note is that the special lighting effects, and makeup has all been done in real life and not added in post production.

And everyone loves bloopers. Sadly we were very efficient with our filming so dont have much. You can see all the bloopers and extra footage here:

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