Multiple subject in the same image…

The other day I saw this awesome image online which showed the different moves in a stunt in the same image.  You can see a similar image here. That is a stock image, which means to access such an image without the watermark, I need to buy it.


Especially, when I can make one image myself. 🙂

So I set out to figure how this is done. It is actually pretty simple process once you make sure the pictures you take are “proper”. Given I am a computer scientist, here is simple idea of how this works:

Before I show you how this is done, some guidelines which will make your life very easy. The simple method I use relies on the fact that only thing changing in the image is the subject. Therefore it is very important that all the images are same in all manner. To accomplish this, I set the focus and the exposure to manual. You would be surprised how much the exposure can change with little change in the subject of the image when set to automatic.

So… Use a tripod; and set the focus and exposure to manual.

Once you have such images, comes the fun part of transforming an idea into an image.

These are two images I wish to combine into one. It can be seen that the images have same focus, same exposure, and have no overlap with the subject. All these things make the task easy. Once I have loaded both images, I can proceed.

I personally prefer to start with the oldest pic chronologically, and put new layers on top of it, but you are free to choose the order. Here I select the first image, and copy and paste the second image on top of it as a new layer.

Now I select the new layer from the layer option on the bottom right, and then using a selection tool (Polygonal Lasso tool in this case) I select the area which has the subject behind it. Since I wanted to include the shadow, I ended up selecting a larger area.

Alternatively, one could disable the new layer, use a magnetic lasso and select the outline of the subject, and then enable and select the new layer.

The next step is to delete the selected area. A simple “Del” would do. 🙂

Voila, the image is done. You can keep repeating this to add more images as well.

Here is the final image:

and some other examples:

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1 Response to Multiple subject in the same image…

  1. Bill Chance says:

    A great idea! Gonna have to try that one.

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