I’m loving it… :)

Contrary to popular belief, most of my pictures have not been taken by a DSLR camera but rather a bridge camera (Panasonic Lumiz FZ8). I actually did not have a DSLR camera until last month. 🙂

Yup! I bought a new camera. 🙂
Even though my old camera is awesome, and I am sure I will continue using it until I break it, I recently felt I needed something better to play with. And now I have something awesome, and I will be telling you all about it on this page. 🙂

So I bought a Nikon D5100, and I am loving it so far. It is a really cool camera. I opted to get the 18-105 mm lens kit and so far I think that combination is the best value for money available out there.

And the things I am loving most about the camera are things I discovered after I had actually purchased it. For instance, the ability for me to attach the camera to my computer and control it from my computer. 🙂

I am using NKRemote in trail period there, but there is a free software available here which I have started playing around with as well.  And now I can change settings of the camera from the computer, without actually touching the camera. I used NKRemote to take pictures for this post and NCC to take pictures for this post. Pretty neat! 🙂

Other features are related to the choice of having the 18-105 mm lens. The bigger lens also supports the 67mm filters (something which will come handy once I buy new lens) and more importantly, allows manual focus while being in automatic mode. This is something that the 18-55 mm lens does not allow. Since I mostly use the manual focus, this allows me to use the automatic focus to set the rough focus, which I can then refine manually. 🙂

Other cool features include the effects. I knew about some of the effects the camera had, but did not think those effects could be used in video mode as well. These include the selective color effects, as well as the miniature effect where time speeds up and only certain sections are in focus.

It also has a built-in HDR mode, the results of which can be seen below:

Here are some other pictures with different functionality 🙂 :

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