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Machine Vision Lab, Fall 2010

As part of Machine Vision lab, I had to create a program which you be able to create a 3d point cloud of a view of an object, using a webcam and a line laser. The video shows the working … Continue reading

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Machine Vision Course, Fall 2010

The Gathering for Gardner is a paper model of a dragon which offers an optical illusion as shown in the video. We also studied a lot about image manipulation and morphing. Here are some examples of image morphing that I … Continue reading

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Helgoland 2011

Originally posted on INTRO-MISSION:
As part of General Geoscience lab, I had to go to Helgoland for a 3 day excursion. Helgoland is a very tiny island, 70 km from the coast of Germany. It is famous for a number…

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Robotics Idea Contest, Spring 2010

The Automatic File Organiser Robotics Idea Contest Entry by Cristina Stancu-Mara and Mohammad Faisal The contest details are presented below: Robotics – Idea Contest “Affordable Robots” The submissions should meet the following criteria: 1. They should describe an idea, which … Continue reading

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I’m loving it… :)

Contrary to popular belief, most of my pictures have not been taken by a DSLR camera but rather a bridge camera (Panasonic Lumiz FZ8). I actually did not have a DSLR camera until last month. 🙂 Yup! I bought a new … Continue reading

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Image Stacking

I recently read an article about some scientists travelling around the world, taking high-definition pictures of different species of Ants (link). I was intrigued, and wanted to find out how they do what they do. I think I found out, … Continue reading

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Aperture Control

This post is about the most important setting people with bridge/DSLR cameras do not know about. I will tell you why in a second, but first, some technical stuff: Aperture is the size of the area through while light passes on … Continue reading

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Rule of Thirds

The very first time I went out with a camera and took pictures using a film roll with 36 pictures, only 14 pictures came out as I had hoped. My creative vision was too much for an old Yashica to … Continue reading

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Multiple subject in the same image…

The other day I saw this awesome image online which showed the different moves in a stunt in the same image.  You can see a similar image here. That is a stock image, which means to access such an image … Continue reading

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London 2012

Watch in full HD. 🙂 Details: London. I always wanted to go to London. Not to make fun of the guards, or ride in double-deck buses, but rather to judge it for myself. The thing is, I have met many … Continue reading

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