Curriculum Vitae

Practical Experience
Research and Project Experience
Skills and Achievements
Extracurricular Activities


06/2010 – 08/2012:  Jacobs University Bremen, Bremen, Germany
Masters in Smart Systems. Merit Scholarship recipient for entire period of study. Specialization in Automation, Robotics and AI. Cumulative GPA of 1.48 (Scale 1-5, 1 being the best).

09/2007 – 06/2010:  Jacobs University Bremen, Bremen, Germany
Bachelors in Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, focusing on Computer specialization. Merit Scholarship recipient for entire period of study. Cumulative GPA of 1.8 (Scale 1-5, 1 being the best).

09/2005 – 07/2007:  Roots College International, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
A-Levels GCE Cambridge (Physics, Chemistry, Computing, Economics, Mathematics, General Paper, Thinking Skills, Urdu) 2007 – Top Result in School: 5A’s and 3B’s.

09/2002 – 09/2005:  Spring Field Public School, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
O-Levels GCE Cambridge (Physics, Chemistry, Computer Studies, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Biology, English) 2005 – Best O-Level result in School’s history (8A’s and 2B’s)


Practical Experience

09/2012 to date : Altran GmbH & Co.KG, Munich, Germany
Technical Consultant.

01/2012 – 02/2012: Automation Department, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany
Student Job. Tasks included filming, recording, editing and publishing a visual representation of a paper as a 3 minute video for IROS conference. Work involved Adobe Premiere and knowledge of different audio/video codecs. Video.

09/2011 – 01/2012: Robotics Department, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany
Teaching Assistant for Artificial Intelligence Bachelor Specialization course. Tasks included grading homework assignments and examinations; researching into different APIs for Python and C++ for the programming assignments; and assisting the Professor with defining course curriculum, and creation of course material.

10/2010 – 6/2011:  DFKI (German Institute of Artificial Intelligence), Bremen, Germany
Research Assistant part of Virtual Crater project, sponsored by German Space Agency. Tasks included designing, developing, testing and documenting plug-ins for virtual simulation software for DFKI. Used Visual Studio, C++, Qt and custom DFKI software to produce plug-ins to allow remote access to the software. Individual work for a team based project.

09/2010 – 12/2010: Automation Department, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany
Teaching Assistant for Artificial Intelligence course for Prof Andreas Nuechter. Tasks included grading homework, programming assignments and examinations; offering tutorials to students to answer course related questions; and holding code review sessions to test, and improve code written by the students.

06/2009 – 09/2009:  FRAUNHOFER-Institut für Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik ITWM, Kaiserslautern, Germany
Intern in Optimization department. Tasks included concept development, software development, testing and project planning. Created a web-platform for the SynPlan software, working in C#, using SVN, synchronous and a-synchronous encryption and server client concept. The software is used by public transport companies to synchronize timetables. Conducted benchmarking using ILOG OPL solver. All work was done independently.

03/2008 – 05/2010:  College 3 College Office, Jacobs University Bremen, Bremen, Germany
Student Job. Tasks included facilitating students with queries regarding campus living, event management, maintaining multimedia system, video editing and photography for College website.

12/2006 – 03/2008:  Innovation Marketing Company, Islamabad, Pakistan
As a requirement for my A-Level curriculum, designed a software for Aluminum and Glass shop, implementing inventory & payroll for account login & maintenance and tracking daily accounts transactions. Implemented, supervised and provided post implementation support.


Research and Project Experience

02/2011 to date: MASTER THESIS, Jacobs University Bremen, Bremen, Germany
The guided research thesis proposes a novel technique to detect dynamic objects in an urban environment from a moving sensor, using 3D laser sensor.

02/2011 – 09/2011: Mobile Robotics, Jacobs University Bremen, Bremen, Germany
Created ROS (Robot Operating System) plug-in for localization of a car using scan matching, which was then used to create maps using a 3D laser scanner. Created a mobile platform with all sensors which can be mounted on top of a SUV. Created Promotional video for the project.

01/2011 – 05/2011: Robotics Project, Jacobs University Bremen, Bremen, Germany
Research and implementation of motion compensation techniques for single beamed sonar, working with real-life data on ROS. The motion compensation techniques can be used for slow 3D laser scanners as well. Work was done in C and C++.

09/2010 – 12/2010: Machine Vision Lab, Jacobs University Bremen, Bremen, Germany
Developed a hand-held, projection laser scanner, capable of generating a 3D point cloud of an object placed in front of a corner using line laser. The coding was done in C and C++, using OpenCV libraries.

05/2009 – 02/2010: BACHELOR THESIS, Evaluation of Scan Matching Techniques, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany
The guided research thesis compared different techniques of scan matching being used in robotics for the purpose of localization, especially in solving SLAM problem. Languages used were C, C++ and Java.

02/2009 – 05/2009: Software Engineering Lab, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany
Software development project, created an online trading market structure. Tasks included designing, implementing, documenting and testing the whole system using C++.

02/2009 – 05/2009: Electronics Lab, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany
Experimental application of diodes, transistors, operational amplifiers, inverters, logic gates, and sequential logic. Used PSpice for simulation of components and circuits.

09/2008 – 12/2008: Signal and Systems Lab, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany
Experimental application of filtering, communication, sampling, discrete-time processing of continuous time signals and feedback. Used MATLAB for simulating experiments to compare the results.

02/2008 – 06/2008: Waterfront Interdisciplinary course, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany
Designed a step by step procedure for creating a Virtual Mega Waterfront City. Tasks included developing a 3D city model while maintaining geographical constraints and element of realism.

01/2006 – 03/2006: Wireless Technology in Pakistan, Intel Science Olympiad 2006, Pakistan
An analysis of different technological trends and their properties such as cost, range, future prospects and speeds, concerning use in home and in business. The Research Project made it to the Regional level.


Skills and Achievements


  • Urdu: mother tongue
  • English: fluent
  • Hindi: working knowledge
  • German: basic knowledge

PC Knowledge:

  • Advanced knowledge of programming data structures and algorithms.
  • Application software: MS Project, MS Office, Open Office, Visual studio, Editing Software, MATLAB, PSpice, Dia, SPSS statistics software, LaTex, NS2, CBGP, Flow-Tools, SharePoint, MKS
  • Designing/Modeling software such as Adobe Photoshop, Google Sketch up, C3 Premiere pro
  • Advanced knowledge of creating technical and non-technical presentations, and project reports
  • Coding experience in Windows, UNIX, Linux; Windows and Linux Development Experience.


  • Basic Language, Visual Studio .NET, C, C++, C#, Java, Prolog, UML, XML, Standard ML, IDL, Qt, Python, OpenCV, ROS, JavaScript, HTML


  • President’s List year 2010
  • Silent Hero official university award for year 2008-9
  • Best software design for Software Engineering Lab in spring 2009
  • Der Deutsche Akademisce Austauschdienst (DAAD), Bremen, Germany (2009) –for organizing cultural events.
  • First position in Jacobs University Software Contest for software development
  • Selected among top 50 in Pakistan in National Physics Talent Contest


  • Event Photography, Abstract Photography, Creative Writing, Blogging, DIY Projects, Film Making


Extracurricular Activities

09/2009 to date: Graduation 2012, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany
Graduate Chief Organizer. In charge of planning Graduation Ball, an event for over 1500 students and guests, and coordinating with other departments for Graduation details. The total budget of the event is 65,000 Euros.

03/2012 – 03/2012: Arts Olympix, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany
Directed, wrote, filmed and edited an 8 minute short film for finale of the competition on behalf of my residential college. The entire work was done within one week, and the resultant film won second prize in its category, and the college won first prize. Movie.

09/2009 – 06/2011: Engineering Society, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany
President of the Club. Responsibilities include coordinating events to foster awareness about fundamental and cutting-edge technological innovations among students, giving internship work-shops and arranging student tours to different companies.

10/2009 – 06/2010: Graduation 2010, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany
Chief Organizer for Graduation 2010. In charge of planning the Graduation ball, coordinating with other departments on the schedule and details of the Graduation.

02/2009 – 09/2009: Orientation Week, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany
Chief Organizer for university’s incoming students’ orientation in 2009. Conducted workshops,planned events, collaborated with several departments, selected and mobilized several student task forces and delegated responsibilities.

10/2007 – 06/2009: Undergraduate Student Parliament, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany
Committee Member in Internal Affairs and Facilities Committee for two years. Dealing with events management, official university awards and maintaining university facilities that are accessible to students such as housing and food.

03/2008 – 04/2009: BRIMUN – Model United Nations, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany
Member of Crisis Committee for BRIMUN 2008 and BRIMUN 2009. Tasks included creating briefings and intelligence reports. Modifying the crisis to the feedback of the event, and creating “news” videos to act as source of information.
07/2007 – date: Contributed pictures to University newspaper, “Pulse of the World”, university yearbook and to college website.