My Work Projects

Jacobs University 2012 Graduation Speech

Robotics Project, Spring 2011

Project Details

Machine Vision Project, Spring 2011

Project Details

Machine Vision Seminar, Spring 2011

A Real-Time Algorithm for Mobile Robot Mapping With Applications to Multi-Robot and 3D Mapping by Sebastian Thrun, Wolfram Burgard, Dieter Fox

As part of Machine Vision seminar, I had to present a paper. This is the presentation I used. The presentation was decent. It ended up being on the short side since I decided at the last second to remove some of the more detailed slides to make the presentation simple and exciting. ūüôā

I also had to write an associated paper, basically presenting the original paper and adding more stuff, and deleting stuff, where-ever necessary. The paper can be found here: Machine Vision Seminar Paper

Machine Vision Lab, Fall 2010

As part of Machine Vision lab, I had to create a program which you be able to create a 3d point cloud of a view of an object, using a webcam and a line laser.
The video shows the working of the softwares. The images are taken from a webcam while moving the camera.
For better results, the intrinsic and extrinsic parameters of the camera are also required the acquisition of which is not shown in the video. The intrinsic parameters can be found by using OpenCV program and a chessboard patterns. The extrinsic parameters are shown here :…
A preliminary result of the point cloud is shown here:… The program currently is using a more refined line search method which reduces the bad results to a large extend.
I will upload the code soon.

Machine Vision Homework, Fall 2010

The Gathering for Gardner is a paper model of a dragon which offers an optical illusion as shown in the video.

We also studied a lot about image manipulation and morphing. Here are some examples of image morphing that I did. link 1 link 2 link 3

In addition, while practicing image stitching, I created the following panoramas with manually assigning corresponding points in images: Jacobs University Soccer Field Osnabruck

Robotics Idea Contest, Spring 2010

The Automatic File Organiser

Robotics Idea Contest Entry by Cristina Stancu-Mara and Mohammad Faisal

Robotics Homework, Spring 2010

Walk Around-
Homework submission for:
Cristina Stancu-Mara,
Mohammad Faisal,
Stanislav Gutev and
Vladislav Perelman.