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Robotics Idea Contest, Spring 2010

The Automatic File Organiser Robotics Idea Contest Entry by Cristina Stancu-Mara and Mohammad Faisal The contest details are presented below: Robotics – Idea Contest “Affordable Robots” The submissions should meet the following criteria: 1. They should describe an idea, which … Continue reading

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Robot Walk Around

For a Robotics class assignment, I had to program a robot with obstacle avoidance behavior, such that it ends up walking around an unknown environment, without hitting anything. The behavior was tested on Kurt robot in USARsim environment. The obstacle avoidance was … Continue reading

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Robotics Project, Spring 2011

As mentioned in the Machine Vision project description, I am supposed to work on a project during the second semester at Jacobs University Master’s programme. (Yes. I am using British english. 😛 ) Unlike the Machine Vision project, where we … Continue reading

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