One step at a time

For many years I saw friends hike up crazy terrain and post amazingly beautiful pictures from the top. Even though I considered myself physically fit, I never imagined I would be able to do such a thing.

However, a team event in late 2016 changed my attitude towards hiking. With a group of about 10 people, we set out together, and even though I was struggling and would have totally just given up and taken the bus back, being with other people who were also struggling, was the biggest motivation to keep going. And the excitement at reaching the top was indescribable.

That was the first learning experience for me from my hikes.

Since then, I try to go hiking as often as I can, and more recently, I have started going on ridiculously long walks. This page will document some of the special ones, as well as what I learned from them:

Drei-Länder (Germany – Austria – Switzerland)

Jenner (near Königssee)

Adam’s Peak (Sri Lanka)

Sigiriya (Sri Lanka)

Schneibstein (near Königssee)

Tegernsee – Bavarian Lakes

Schliersee and Spitzingsee – Bavarian Lakes

Stanberger – Bavarian Lakes